Voted by Young Readers as a 
2019 Silver Birch Award Honour Book 


SINCE 1900, GLOBAL SEA LEVELS HAVE RISEN steadily each year to a  global average of about 8 inches (20cm), and they're still rising. By 2100, the sea could climb as much as 15 feet (5m) to 30 feet (10m). 


Continued rising sea levels will change the "face of the Earth." Water will flood coastal cities and settlements around the world. Wetlands, islands, lowland areas, and coastal areas will be fully submerged. By 2100, areas of Miami, New York, New Orleans, Prince Edward Island, Mumbai, and the Maldives will be underwater.


Rising Seas provides a portrait of what the Earth might look like under the rising and falling water levels of climate change.

This is an important book but we don't have time for its young readers to replace those in power. So read this book and then give grown-ups hell and demand something be done. It's your future that's at stake.

—David Suzuki


An engaging, lively addition to nonfiction collections on a timely, increasingly urgent topic.

—Selenia Paz, Booklist



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